Hey! Im Katie,

The owner and founder of New Street Designs!


I live in a lovely seaside town called Deal, in Kent where walks along the beach is a must and enjoy the stunning views that we are lucky to have. Living in a beautiful house, just opposite the seaside with my fiancé Toby and our border collie's Cody & Jenson.  

New Street Designs was officially open to the world In October 2016, and recently we found a niche in the market for dog mamas and some very special and spoilt pooches! 

Creating ideas and designing a variety of dog products as well as clothing and accessories. 

Personalised Gifts

I am a big believer in things happening for reasons!! I feel so lucky and thankful to have my wonderful fiancé by my side and believing in me to make New Street Designs successful. 

Katie x

Oh hey...

Meet Lorraine, she is the lady behind the scenes who creates all by hand the amazing doggy bones which now are our best seller! Not only does she make these, she also continues to work along side myself and now as a family run business we continue to work together ensuring all orders are up to date, completed and beautifully wrapped before sending. 

Lorraine is not only a great asset to New Street Designs, she is also my mum which makes this extra special. 

I cant take much credit for these unique handmade dog bones she makes, but can we agree how amazing they are and also she is for making them and without her New Street Designs wouldn't be as successful as it is today!